Growing Stages

I would like to thank Linda Mayne and Jan Anderson of the UK for providing a wonderful example of a puppy bitch as she matures, so that we can see the growth process of a Spinone. I have intentionally left the pictures on the larger size so that the changes are easier to see.  Allow time for the pictures to load. There are 6 pictures.

The example is 'Alice'.  Michiamo Valtellina born 9/12/2004 - Sire Sh Ch Ben of Deladrio (Imp Italy). Dam Sh Ch Inostricani Simoni Del Michiamo.  It is very hard to get a Sh Ch title in the UK and especially so for brown roans so to have two brown roan parents who are both Sh Chs is very special.

At 1 month - Basic shape developing nicely - nice body depth x length ratio.
Muzzle is short compared to skull at this age. Topline and croupline still
to develop. Sternum already showing.


At 2 months - Basic body shape still nice and square with good depth in the
chest. Muzzle has grown on a bit but still short in comparison to skull.
Croupline has started to show more. Feet are tight and showing nice arched
toes - which shows well in the sitting picture. Also in the sitting picture
you can see the skull shape and earset which is level with the eyes which
are nicely spaced apart.



At 3 months - Muzzle has grown longer to now balance more with the skull,
but more development here to come.  The topline has now developed more and
the break is visible. The sternum is more prominent. The angulation of
shoulder and upper arm is now showing nice development as is the rear
angulation.  Note that the back legs are growing on more than the front
causing a slight bum high stance. The bellyline is not tucked up but nice
and level. Feet are still nice and tight. The coat colour is changing with
the roaning coming through.


At 4 months - Muzzle has grown on again and skull has more definition and
shape - body coat has grown a lot in a month and legs continue to grow but
body depth and length is still in nice proportion.  Back legs are still a
little bit further on than the front so giving a slightly  unbalanced view -
but that's fine for her age.


At 10 months - Muzzle has now settled into the correct proportions with the
skull and the head planes are correct. The front and back legs are now more
in balance and she is not so bum high now. Coat is growing a lot now and
this puppy coat needs to come out and the adult, harsher coat will replace


At 2.5 years - Here is Alice today now aged 2.5 years old - she is much more
balanced through and has the right muzzle/skull proportions and head planes
are showing nicely.  The neck is stronger now and not too long. Her legs are
now balanced front and back and her body has continued to keep the
depth/length ratio.  Her topline and belly line are nicely balanced with no
tuck up and the break in the topline is clearly visible.   She is still a
young girl and I don't expect her to mature fully until she is about 4 years



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