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The Blue Water Spinone Association has been formed to give Spinoni owners a chance to get together in a social and educational environment.  We would like to provide a non competitive gathering several times a year for the purpose of getting Spinoni and their people together to have fun,  to learn and get to know each other.  This is not an AKC, hunt or show club but we encourage our members and support them in those areas. We will  hold meetings from time to time where one or more of these things may be going on.  And individual members may host informal 'meetings'.
Blue Water Spinone Association is a club were Spinone Owners in the MI, OH, Ill, Ontario, Canada area may come together to have fun,  exchange information, form friendships & support the breed.  Everyone is welcome with equal club status, US or Canadian citizens. There are no membership dues for 2007 or 2008 - all correspondence will be over computer and internet.  Anyone may join. (Those without internet service will need send self addressed stamped envelopes to the club secretary so that they may be informed of current events. They may wish to be notified by phone as well).
For more information contact:
Sue Moen, secretary
 Please contact me individually if interested and do join as there is no cost at present time and your ideas are much wanted. Forward this info to anyone you think may want to join us. Or have them call me at 248-548-2578- after 8 pm and start taking if the message machine comes on. Thanks




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